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Notice on Motto Collection of SUSTC

Publish:2015-09-25 10:25:00

Dear teachers, students, schoolfellows,

Motto is the soul of a school, the high extraction of a school’s philosophy and spirit of schooling, the centralized reflection of a school’s teaching, study atmosphere and school spirit, and also the important content of a school’s cultural construction. It reflects the spiritual temperament and personality impression of a school, and embodies the common culture pursuit and spirituality of teachers and students. In order to further strengthen the connotation construction of our school, condense university spirit, enhance the cohesion, confidence and sense of proud of teachers, students and schoolfellows, as well as motivate entrepreneurship enthusiasm, SUSTC decides to carry out motto collection activity.

I. Collection Time

Up to October 31, 2015

II. Collection Object

Teachers, students, staff and schoolfellows of SUSTC

III. Collection Requirements

1. Proper. The motto should fully reflect the philosophy of schooling of SUSTC, stand out the characteristics and positioning of SUSTC, and embody the style and features of SUSTC.

2. Concise. The motto should be concise, condensed, easy to understand and remember, with cultural connotation and age characteristics.

3. Please specify the design intention of your work, if quoting classics, please give chapter and verse, and explain its original meaning and age connotation.

4. Avoid sameness, do not imitate and plagiarize.

IV. Submission Instruction

1. All mottos participating in the collection shall be submitted by e-mail, submission e-mail: Please specify the words of “motto collection” in the subject of e-mail. Please fill in SUSTC Motto Collection Form and send it as the mail attachment.

2. The works submitted will not be sent back whether it is adopted, so please remain draft by you.

3. SUSTC reserves the whole intellectual property for the finalist and selected works.

V. Selection Method

1. The collected works are sorted and classified by the Department of Publicity and Public Relation.

2. SUSTC will adopt the selection method of combining expert review and mass selection, to select the collected motto works anonymously.

Selection procedures are:

 (1) The expert group conducts finalist selection for all collected works, and determines 10 finalist works;

(2) Organize teachers and students to discuss the 10 finalist works and vote, determining 5 of them obtain finalist award;

(3) SUSTC determines 1 selected work according to the opinions of expert group and voting result;

(4) The selected work shall be submitted to Teacher’s Representative Committee of SUSTC for discussion, and reported to the board of directors after passing.

3. If any same situation occurs in the collected works, the foremost work will be selected to participating in the evaluation.

VI. Incentives

This collection activity is with awards. There are 1 admission award, 5 finalist awards, both of which will issue certificate of honor, and give proper rewards, and there are 1 motto admission award with RMB 5 thousand Yuan bonus; 5 finalist awards with RMB 1 thousand Yuan each person.

VII. Intellectual Property

1. The works participating in the collection shall not violate relevant laws and regulations, and must guarantee its originality.

2. If the work has intellectual property or copyright disputes, etc., SUSTC reserves the right to cancel its participation qualification, and all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the contributor, and be irrelevant to SUSTC.

3. If the infringement act damages the benefits of SUSTC, we will investigate and affix legal liability to the contributor.

VIII. Contact Information

Address: Department of Publicity and Public Relation, Room 402, Administrative Building, SUSTC

Postal code: 518055

Contact person: Ma Dongmei

Contact phone: 0755-88010226

IX. Other Business

SUSTC reserves the right of final explanation of this notice.


Attachment: SUSTC Motto Collection Form


September 25, 2015