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Notice on SUSTC School Song Collection

Publish:2015-09-25 10:28:00

School Song is the centralized reflection of the philosophy of schooling and humanistic spirit of a school, and the important content of a school’s construction of campus culture. It can increase cohesion, inspire students’ fighting will, and enhance optimism. Determined as the test school of national comprehensive higher education reform, SUSTC shoulders the historical mission of exploring the way for China’s higher education reform, and has given rise to the high attention and concern of all parties at home and abroad since establishment. As a new founded school, SUSTC needs the help of link and carrier like school song to further compact university spirit, enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of teachers, students and schoolfellows, as well as motivate entrepreneurship enthusiasm. For this purpose, SUSTC decides to collect SUSTC school song (including lyrics and music score) from all teachers, students, and staff, schoolfellows at home and abroad, and people from all walks of life. We hope teachers, students and people from all walks of life give full play to your intelligence and wisdom, participate in this activity actively. Now, notice on relevant matters is as follows:

I. Collection Time

Up to October 31, 2015

II. Collection Object

Teachers, students, staff and schoolfellows of SUSTC, people from all walks of life.

III. Collection Requirements

1. Originality: It is required that the collected school songs must be original, conform to campus, and be close to campus life. The songs should not only embody the spirit quality of SUSTC, but also have certain universality, to be easy to sing and popularize;

2. Sense of the times: There is no strict restriction of the lyrics or melody, but the style should comply with the characteristics of SUSTC, reflect time spirit, and have the features of rejuvenation and internationalism;

3. Artistry: The lyrics are required to be concise and graceful with lucid and lively rhythm; the music score is required to have graceful melody, abundant emotion, motivating effect, and art expression and infection, to be applicable for chorus.

IV. Submission Instruction

1. The documents can be submitted in person or in letter or through internet; you should mark “collection of lyrics of school song” on the envelope or in the theme of the email.

(1) Internet mode: email

(2) Letter mode: Department of Publicity and Public Relation, Room 402, Administrative Building of SUSTC, No. 1088, Xueyuan Rd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518055

(3) Submission in person: Department of Publicity and Public Relation (Room 402, Administrative Building of SUSTC; office time: From Monday to Friday)

2. The works submitted will not be sent back whether it is adopted, so please remain draft by you.

V. Selection Method

1. The collected works are sorted and classified by the Department of Publicity and Public Relation.

2. SUSTC will adopt the selection method of combining expert review and mass selection, to select the collected motto works anonymously.

Selection procedures are:

(1) The expert group conducts finalist selection for all collected works, and determines 10 finalist works;

(2) Organize teachers and students to discuss the 10 finalist works and vote, determining 5 of them obtain finalist award;

(3) SUSTC determines 1 selected work according to the opinions of expert group and voting result;

(4) The selected work shall be submitted to Teacher’s Representative Committee of SUSTC for discussion, and reported to the board of directors after passing.

3. If any same situation occurs in the collected works, the first work will be selected to participating in the evaluation.

VI. Incentives

This collection activity is with awards. There is 1 admission award, 5 finalist awards for the lyrics and music score of school song, both of which will issue certificate of honor, and give proper rewards, in which there are:

1 admission award with RMB 10 thousand Yuan bonus, 5 finalist awards with RMB 2 thousand Yuan each person of lyrics of school song.

1 admission award with RMB 10 thousand Yuan bonus, 5 finalist awards with RMB 2 thousand Yuan each person of music score of school song.

VII. Intellectual Property

1. The works participating in the collection shall not violate relevant laws and regulations, and must guarantee its originality. If the work has intellectual property or copyright disputes, etc., SUSTC reserves the right to cancel its participation qualification, and all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the contributor, and be irrelevant to SUSTC. If the infringement act damages the benefits of SUSTC, we will investigate and affix legal liability to the contributor.

2. After the works are adopted and paid with prize, the SUSTC has right to adjust to adjust or partly intercept; SUSTC will reserve the copyright of the work and have rights of use, modification and publicity etc.

VIII. Contact Information

Address: Department of Publicity and Public Relation, Room 402 of Administrative Building of SUSTC

Postal code: 518055

Contact person: Ma Dongmei

Contact phone: 0755-88010226

IX. Other Business

1. The author should write the name, mailing address, contact phone and email on the works.

2. For basic information of SUSTC, please visit

3. SUSTC reserves the right of final explanation of this notice.


Attachment: SUSTC School Lyrics (Music Score) Collection Form



September 25, 2015