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The New Version Official Website has been Launched and Tested

Publish:2015-12-23 10:58:00

To all organizations of the University:

Greatly supported and cooperated by all organizations of the University, the new version official website has been launched and tested from October 22 to October 31. Due to bilingual version of English website and Chinese website, the English website will be tested on October 31. At present, the English website is still the old version. Please check contents and operation of information in the website.

During the testing period, if any problems are found, please contact:

1. For any technical issues, please contact the Network Information Center, contact: Teacher Song, telephone No.: 88010788,email:

 2. For any content issues, please contact the Publicity and PR Department, contact: Teacher Pang, telephone No.: 88010223,email:

Teachers and students are welcome to correction.