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Spectacular Stageshow at SUSTech’s Graduation Party 2017

Publish:2017-07-01 09:21:00

On the evening of June 30th 2017, the Grand Lawns of SUSTech’s library were shining and sparkling as the 2017 Graduation Party took place. SUSTech’s Chairperson Guo Yurong, AssociateVice-President Lu Chun, the 2017 graduates, undergraduate students and faculty were all among the audience to enjoy the show.

At the scene of the party

At the entrance, the photographers captured great shots of the broad audience: cute children, happy graduates, humorous performers... Everyone is bustling and posing for the photographers' snapshots. A performance by the SUSTech kindergarten children kicked off the celebration with "Children of the Chinese Style", the audience cheered and applauded as the young performers sang and danced in their little porcelain-inspired blue and white costumes.

"The Ancient Banyan, Hong Ru Yu Si.”

The students Yang Ruixue, Wang Tianyu, Fang Fei and Hao Tian then took to the stage in their smart attire to recite a famous Chinese poem, "The Ancient Banyan, Hong Ru Yu Si”. It is a passionate discourse subtly directing their praise and admiration for SUSTech and the new graduates, but also deep with sustenance. Art Center teachers Pi Sheng and Xi Yue then came to the stage to deliver an interpretation of the song "Love of the motherland, love to the motherland". The vigorous male and female vocals of the performers impressed the audience who responded to the remarkable show with  enthusastic applause. 

SUSTech’s hip-hop dance group then took over to perform their choreography "Lebration", which set off the passion of the audience; campus celebrity singers Jiang Yiwei, Tian Chi and their friends then performed an acapella version of the hit "We are young", and Art Center teacher Xiong Ying and folk orchestra instructor Xu Xinchi then performed traditional folk music playing the pipa and erhu in perfect harmony, producing a melodious music that appeased the audience into a complete silence of admiration with the song "Tonight without Sleep". It was then the Art Center's dance teacher Liu Lu and her group's turn to perform the dance "Horizon", an elegant show highlighting their wonderful technical skills.

The peak of the evening was when the finalists of “The Voice of SUSTech” arrived on scene to deliver a fantastic medley of classic songs. 

The background screen flashed with Sun Wukong’s animation images, while the audience amusedly guessed that the next song would be "Wukong", accompanied by Wang Zhenming, one of SUSTech’s most recognizable voices.  

"Spring breeze, not as good as you.”

SUSTech band “Wooded Crocodile” then arrived on the stage to rock the scene. They played "Season wind", “Spring breeze", and the energetic "I want the summer” to conquer the hearts of the audience. 

Students and parents then took turns to share their experiences and praise for SUSTech which they recommend as the best choice, in speeches which moved the spectators. The party concluded with everyone singing the "Sunshine Road" in chorus, ending a perfect and happy evening for everyone.

Text: student news agency Zhou Xinyi

Photo: Wu Bingzhen Li Chengkun Zhang Haofan Yu Hao Xu Haiwen Li Kaiyue Xu Wanyu