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SUSTech's Artinx Robotics Team Wins Third Prize at DJI's 2017 RoboMaster Contest

Publish:2017-07-03 14:52:00

Recently, DJI hosted the 16th national robotics contest RoboMasters2017 for the Southern Division held in the gymnasium of the Guangzhou South China University of Technology. The event was jointly organized by the Central Committee of the Youth League, the National Robotics Federation and the Shenzhen Municipal People's government. 

The Southern Division involved a total of 17 college student teams, including one from SUSTech - Artinx - who’s robot won the third prize.

Southern Divison competition arena

A contestant does the final checks before the warm-up round

“Engineering robot” and “Infantry robot” are put to the test against each other

Post-game photo

RoboMasters National College Robotics Contest is the first domestic robot battling competition. It earned a reputation quickly among the tech community for its strong audio-visual impact, intense competitive style and unconventional concept, attracting the attention of thousands of universities, hi-tech companies and DIY/makers enthusiasts.

Participants are required to build a machine using their own independent research and development, and test the robot in a confrontation.

By participating in the contest they will obtain valuable practical skills and strategic thinking, combining theory and practice in a fierce competition to build an advanced intelligent robot.

SUSTech's Artinx Robotics team was founded in 2015 to set up a science, technology and innovation student club. Currently the team is composed of 25 members.

The team has participated in two RoboMasters Competitions, the 2016 edition in which it won the Southern Division's second prize, as well as the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee's “Students Personal Project Special Fund”, which finances their projects up to 14 million CNY.

The team has also developed several other projects to participate in the 2016 China International Hi-Tech Fair, 2016 National Public Entrepreneurship Innovation Week Shenzhen sub-venue show.

Contribution: Student Labor Department Shue Tak

Edited by: Jeremy Welburn