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SUSTech’s 2018 Teachers‘ Day Awards Held

Publish:2018-09-13 14:57:00

SUSTech’s Teachers’ Day Awards Ceremony were held in the Runyang Gymnasium on September 10. Numerous awards were handed out to outstanding instructors, mentors, and administrators from across SUSTech. University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong and University President Chen Shiyi joined other university leaders, academicians, department heads, faculty representatives and student representatives at a glittering afternoon ceremony. Deputy Director Xu Jianling of the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau was invited to attend. Vice President Lu Chun presided over the ceremony.

Guo Yurong congratulated all the award winners and greeted all the attendees. She thanked every educator for their contributions to the development of theUniversity, pointing out that in the past few years, the school has developed rapidly and is known as the "Shenzhen speed" of China's higher education. Guo Yurong also hoped that every teacher would pass on the core values, such as "patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendliness" to the students through their words and deeds. She wanted every teacher to lead by example and take the lead in training students. As a result, SUSTech would not only be full of respected educators but also become the builders of education within Shenzhen and the dreamers of a new era of higher education in China.

The first awards presented were the Excellent Teaching Awards, which were won by Matthew Jellick, He Zhubing, Hu Yuxiu, Chen Yimao, Tang Yuanyuan, Tang Bin, and Liu Chang. Shengyue won the Excellent Teaching Assistant Award, and Dean of the College of Sciences Yang Xueming presented all the winners with their awards.

Vice President Tang Tao then presented Cheng Chun and Jiang Xuejun with the Outstanding Teacher Award and Wang Cailin with the Outstanding Teacher Assistant Award. Cheng Chun spoke on behalf of the winners by sharing his experience in teaching. He said that his teaching work is based on the active exploration and practice of cultivating top-notch innovative talents. He hopes to promote the quality of undergraduate students through his own efforts. Cheng Chun also wants to encourage the students to improve further and carry forward the spirit of creating a university with the spirit of “Dare to try, be truthful and pragmatic, reform and innovate, and pursue excellence” and make better achievements.

A series of scientific research awards were subsequently awarded. Tang Keyang won the Humanities and Social Sciences Award, presented by Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Chen Yuehong. Quan Zewei, Li Guixin, Li Pengfei, Chen Kun, Tang Yuanyuan, and Zhan Chenchang all won the Outstanding Youth Research Award and received their awards from Dean of the College of Engineering Xu Zhenghe. He Feng, Hao Qi, and Guo Hongwei won the Outstanding Research Award. Director of Research Office Zhao Yusheng was beaming as he presented these awards. Vice President Teng Jinguang presented Yao Xin with the award for Excellence in Research Awards

Hao Qi spoke on behalf of the research award winners. He said that when he just returned to China after studying abroad, SUSTech provided him with advanced experimental equipment and laboratories, which reflected the power of SUSTech. It is in this positive environment that everyone's enthusiasm and creativity can be truly played. He hoped that every member of SUSTech would work hard to achieve the shared goals.

The Outstanding Residential College Tutor Awards were then granted. Hu Yong was one of 26 people who won the Excellent Residential College Tutor Award. University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang and Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Liu Ke presented the awards to the winners together with Academician Chen Xiaofei and Academician Bai Yong. Tang Yuanyuan spoke on behalf of the winners and shared her experience. She said that as a tutor, it is a manifest responsibility to guide students towards a correct outlook on life. She believes that the most important way to guide students is sincerity. “When students need us, our company in their presence can be the driving force behind their growth.”

President Chen Shiyi awarded He Jiaqing the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award. Vice President Tang Tao awarded Jiang Wei and Liang Yongye, Outstanding Young Professor of the Year Awards. Liang Yongye expressed his gratitude to the members of his research team, the collaborators, SUSTech and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering for their strong support. Liang Yongye said: "A seed can only survive if it is rooted in fertile soil. I am very proud to be rooted in the fertile soil of SUSTech and can witness her growth. I am also proud of the reform and innovation of SUSTech."

The Administrative Service Awards were then announced. Ji Shengjian, Wu Wenzheng, Wang Yan, Zhang Hongmin, Qin Jing, Gu Hua, Lai Xiaodong, Ma Xu, and Chen Run all won the Excellent Administrative Service Awards. Director Zhang Ling of the Office of Communications and Public Relations and Director Chen Zhifeng of the Office of Human Resources presented the awards. Chen Fangyi, Xu Baomin, Zheng Yi, Lin Yunan, Pang Cuiqiong, Guo Xiaodan, and Tan Jianwei were winners of the Outstanding Administrative Service Award. Chief Accountant Ye Qin and Secretary General Chen Siqi presented their awards. Chairperson Guo Yurong handed out the Excellent Service Awards to Cheng Xin, Xu Zongxiang, Chen Ting and Leng Baoxia.

Xu Zongxiang spoke on behalf of the winner of the Administrative Service Awards. He said that many people think that the professor's work is only to do research and complete teaching tasks. However, he chose SUSTech because he wanted to participate in the history of the University and do something meaningful. Xu Zongxiang said: "We educate students to abandon egoism. The development of SUSTech also requires that each of us works without considering the costs or benefits."

The final awards were the 5 Year Service Awards. Wu Chuanyue joined 204 other beneficiaries in receiving the award. 14 of them stepped foot on stage to receive their award. They have worked at SUSTech for more than five years and have written their own pages of history at SUSTech. Chen Shiyi presented awards to the winners. On behalf of the winners of the 5 Year Service Awards, Wang Dejun said that the development of SUSTech is the result of the hard work of all the students under the leadership of the University leadership team. For more than six years, he has witnessed and felt the process of ordinary faculty and staff working hard for the development of SUSTech. He was extremely proud of the development of SUSTech today.

Chen Shiyi made the closing speech at the ceremony. He said that on Teachers’ Day, the school held its Teachers’ Day Award Ceremony to thank all the faculty and staff who have made positive contributions to the reform and development of the school for a long time. He congratulated all the award winners and pointed out that SUSTech has closely focused on the development strategy of building an international high-level research university. He spoke of adhering to high-end leadership, and vigorously promoting the introduction of talents and building a high-quality team of teachers. In recent years, the University had implemented scientific management of talents, actively strived for funding for scientific research start-ups, and sought to create a relaxed entrepreneurial environment. He hoped that all the teachers would concentrate on educating people and bringing their youth and wisdom to SUSTech. Chen Shiyi wanted all the teachers to become witnesses and writers of the glorious history of SUSTech.

After the ceremony, the University Trade Union and the Arts Center organized teachers and students to perform a wonderful cultural performance.


Original Text: Tong Xiaojin

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

Photo: Su Jiahui, Wang Kaiqiang, Zhang Xiaoyan

Video: Ren Yi, Zheng Yijun

Main picture design: Qiu Yu